Your Dream Irish Wedding Is Here

Comhghairdeas!   That’s “congratulations”, in Irish!

When you’re planning your Irish wedding, and you want to turn it into an unforgettable event, what’s the best way to do that? Without a question, hire a great live traditional band! Providing live music for your family and friends is the easiest way to create atmosphere and excite a crowd, no doubt about it.

Music directly affects a person’s mood and creates a quality that is unforgettable. The right live band is one of the greatest assets you have to create the ambiance you want.  Researchers are in agreement with this, as they have found music not only affects mood, but it can set the tone for your event. Most importantly, it can influence the fun factor.

As a band who performs for many happy couples, The HiBs have a few things for you to consider:

Make Music Part of your Irish Wedding Theme

From the Groom’s Dinner to the Reception, Irish music is a great accompaniment to any party.  You can have the music be front and center, or more in the background.  The choice is yours!  The HiBs enjoy performing at

  • Groom’s Dinners
  • Prelude Music
  • Ceremony
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Reception

Keep it Traditional and  Make it Yours!

Choose a song or a tune or two that represent your relationship and ask the band to learn it (if we don’t already know it!).  We’ve learned pieces that were important to families, and have even learned original compositions to perform from the groom to the bride!

Have Fun!

Irish Music can be somber and reflective when needed, and is mostly jolly and lively.  Want to add even more tradition to your event?  The HiBs can also call a traditional Irish ceili dance.  This means, we will get those at your party who like to dance up on the floor to learn 1-3 group dances.  This is so much fun, even for those who can’t or don’t want to dance – it’s great to watch and makes events stand out in people’s memories.

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